Joom offers you a special sandbox environment, where you can test and try out our API and web interface before going live in production.

To get a sandbox account contact your KAM or Joom Merchant Support.

Current and older versions of Sandbox

Current Sandbox Merchant Panel is located at

Current base URL for Sandbox API is

Current Sandbox was created in May 2021 and will last till August 2021.

There are older versions of Sandbox that are partially supported. If you’re already registered at one of these versions you may continue to use them. Please note that new features are not deployed to older sandboxes. To test your integration with the most recent features you need to use the most recent sandbox version. If you move to a newer sandbox version, your account and data will not be moved there, you will need a new account.

A sandbox version is supported 3 months. You can see the month of its creation in its name: sandbox-YYYYMM. We expect that 3 months is more than enough to build and test an integration.

Available old version of Sandbox Merchant Panel is located at The corresponding base URL for older Sandbox API is

Using Sandbox you can:

  • Create products,
  • Try getting and updating products in different ways,
  • Approve and categorize some products,
  • Create some test orders with products you’ve approved and categorized. You cannot create orders with unapproved or uncategorized products, or variants that are out of stock,
  • Try getting, fulfilling and cancelling the created orders in different ways.

Sandbox-specific Endpoints

There are some API features that are designed specifically for sandbox and cannot be used on production:

Please Note:

Sandbox-specific endpoints, unlike normal endpoints, operate with Joom IDs, not with merchant’s SKUs.