This section covers all the endpoints for working with orders.

In basic scenarios using this API documentation merchants are able to:

Some ERPs are presenting the list of shipping providers allowed by Joom to their users, there is an endpoint for this case as well.

Online and Offline Shipping

Offline shipping means that you ship the order with an allowed shipper and send us the tracking number via offline fulfill endpoint.

Online shipping means that you request shipping of the orders via online fulfill endpoint, retrieve a label for the parcel via shipping label endpoint and ship the parcel with the attached label with one of our online shippers, e.g. Joom Logistics.

Online shipping is available only for certain source and destination countries and certain product types. In some cases online shipping is mandatory.

To determine whether an order should be shipped online or offline use the field onlineShippingRequirement:

  • onlineOnly means that the order must be shipped online,
  • offlineOnly means that the order must be shipped offline,
  • offlineOrOnline means that the seller is allowed to choose.

Order States

Please note that order returns are available only for certain merchants and certain customer countries.

State Meaning
approved The order is approved by Joom and awaits merchant’s actions.
fulfilledOnline The order has been marked as fulfilled online by the merchant. It has not been yet marked as shipped by the shipper, e.g. Joom Logistics. If the order is not shipped on time, it might be cancelled.
shipped The order has been shipped, either by the merchant (offline shipping) or by Joom Logistics (online shipping).
cancelled The order has been cancelled due to merchant’s fault. It will be refunded at merchant’s expense.
paidByJoomRefund The order has been cancelled by Joom. The merchant will still receive payment for the order.
returnInitiated The customer decided to return the order. The order has been sent back to the merchant.
returnExpired The returned order has not arrived in time. There will be no refund.
returnArrived The returned order has arrived to the merchant. The merchant is expected to complete or decline the return in Joom Merchant Panel (not available via API).
returnCompleted The merchant accepted the return. The order will be refunded at merchant’s expense.
returnDeclined The merchant declined the return. There will be no refund.

Learn more details on orders at the Orders section in our Help Center.