Some endpoints return multiple items. For the more efficient performance it is necessary for this API to limit the number of results returned in each request.

In case that the number of results is too large, you may page through all the results with multiple requests.

  • Default limit is 100 items per request.
  • You can provide a custom limit via query parameter limit in the request requiring pagination.
  • Maximum limit is 500 items per request. Even if the query parameter limit exceeds 500, the response will contain no more than 500 items.
  • If the results must be paginated the paging field will exist in the response.
  • This attribute will contain next which is an URL for fetching the next page of data.
  • This URL will have the same limit as the original request.


  "data": {/* results will be here */},
  "paging": {
    "next": ""
Pagination Response Schema

If the number of results exceeds the limit for the request, this parameter will aid the client in paging to collect all the results