API Errors

The Joom API returns specific error data in the JSON response if an error occured.

Error details are helpful for responses with HTTP status code 4xx (e.g. 400, 401, 403, 404). Responses with HTTP status code 200 don’t contain any error details. Responses with HTTP status codes 5xx (e.g. 500) don’t contain error details that may be helpful to you.

Field errors

The errors field is an array of details of errors that occurred during the request processing. Most of the times there is just one error, but sometimes (e.g. in batch processing) there may be several.

The OpenAPI schema of a response with errors field is at the bottom of this page.

Example Request

curl https://api-merchant.joom.com/api/v3/orders/multi?updatedFrom=invalid_date

Example Response

   "errors": [
       "code": "invalid_argument",
       "field": "updatedFrom",
       "message": "Invalid argument `updatedFrom`: expected date/time, got `invalid_date`"

This example response will also have HTTP status code 400 (Bad Request).

Please note:

These examples show the structure of what you may receive, not the actual responses.

Error Response Schema