Joom for Merchants API v3

This API documentation is intended to be used by merchants and developers building integration with Joom for Merchants API. It is a fully programmable alternative to the web version of Joom that contains all the important basic information on product creation and order fulfillment. This documentation is all the information you might need for the successful integration with Joom.

What is inside?

  • Introduction - if you are new to Joom API v3 and need the general overview.

  • Product and Order endpoints - since this documentation only covers the essential product/order information.

  • For Authorization please refer to API v2 docs.

What if I can’t find some particular information in this API?

For more detailed requirements and other information on merchant’s interaction with Joom please refer to our Joom Help Center. Useful links to specific parts of Joom Help Center will be provided in the certain parts of this documentation.

Please note: Joom Help Center may refer to an older version of this documentation, because some merchants still use it.

This version of Joom API - is the current up-to-date one, therefore new features and information will be added here to support each new release on the platform.